Thursday, 4 July 2013

Onwards and Upwards

The Bike Show; TV for Two-Wheels

When I started my career as a motorcyling and motoring journalist a couple of years ago, I did it partly out of the need to earn a living but also in order to indulge in a lifelong passion for all things wheeled and driven by the internal combustion engine.

Through hard work and not being a total prat (not to mention always handing test bikes back to the importers intact), I have succeeded and am now an accepted member of the South African motorcycling media with all the benefits that brings.

I started this blog right at the start of the career and have neglected it ever since, even though over 6,000 of you misguided souls have visited and, hopefully read and, even more hopefully, enjoyed the content.

I'll keep it going, if only to stroke my ego every now and then, but what is even more exciting is my involvement in The Bike Show, a consumer motorcycling TV show we produce here in South Africa for broadcast on the African satellite network.

I co-present the show and am involved in the whole production, from inception to final edit and voice-over and, while I say it who shouldn't, it's not bad; always room for a lot of improvement, but it's a start. We've just finished broadcasting the third series and the fourth is due to air in September.

Now, many of you may be thinking how lovely that is, but unless you live in South Africa, there's not much point in getting excited about it. And I couldn't agree more. But what you are forgetting is the glory that is youtube.

We started posting tests from the first two series of the show onto our youtube channel - ignition bike show - and so far we have had nearly 2 million views. Even better news is that we are about to start posting tests and features from the most recent series.

So, if you re desperate for some relevant and informative and entertaining motorcycling content to watch over your breakfast, head to youtube and the Ignition Bike Show channel and start enjoying. Do us a favour, would you? Subscribe and then you can keep up to date with everything we are doing.

Very soon we will start doing Google Hangouts on a Monday where we will discuss the weekend's motorcycling sport worldwide. Keep your eyes peeled.

We also have a website; www.thebikeshow.co.za on which we post news, features, tests and our blogs so go along and have a look. We'd love to see you there.

Thanks for supporting this blog.